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Topaz Pen Tablet (Siglite 1×5 T-S460)



The Topz SigLite® 1×5 is a small, biometric electronic signature pad with signature capture touchpad, designed to be both space- and cost-efficient.
The touchpad sensor reads the digital, binary pressure of the stylus tip and transmits signature data to the computer at high speed for an easy, accurate electronic signature.
• Pen Type
• Rugged, passive pen & tether
• Patented, battery-less
• Resolution & Conversion Rate
• Exceeds industry standards
• Programmable PPI
• Dimensions
• 6.0” x 3.8” x 0.7”
• 152mm x 95mm x 18mm
• Signing Area
• 4.3” x 1.4”
• 100mm x 35mm
• Authentication Capability
• Forensic quality .SIG data capable of examination and authentication with Topaz software.
• igShock™
Pad’s Remote Usage Options
• “BSB” signature pads.
• “B” signature pads.
• pDoc Signer®
• Sigtool Imager Plus™
• SignMeIn™
• Microsoft Office
• Adobe Acrobat
• OPOS Driver
• 3rd Generation touchpad signing surface for cost efficiency
• Small size and weight for portability
• High-quality biometric and forensic capture
• Topaz software suite bundled at no additional cost for complete signing and signature solution customization techniques

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